This Is Not A Game - The Chemical Brothers ft Miguel

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[Intro - Lorde:]
There it is

[Verse 1 - Miguel:]
Find what you love and let it kill you
Chop under pressure, thinkin' dammit
All eyes on me like a conductor
That mean, just play your role, you might can chime in
Wait, play the game to change the game
Word to Gucci, that's my hitta
Your way is livin' in the moment, huh?
My way is livin' for tomorrow

[Pre-Chorus - Miguel:]
Wonder what I'm doin'
Yeah I know what I'm doin'
Say I know what I'm doin'
You talk about a revolution

[Chorus - Lorde (Miguel):]
There it is (Wait, nah babe)
There it is (Wait, nah babe)
There it is

[Verse 2 - Miguel:]
All around the clock
Even when I'm under fire, preach
No never never settle, I just stop 'em boy
But I ain't outta touch, I'm just outta reach



No this is not a game
No this is not a game
No this is not a game

Patience and determination
Starin' at a body of it
Starin' at a gladiator
Victory is sweet and I'm a get it now and later



[Verse 3 x2 - Miguel:]
No this is not a game, nah babe
I'm talkin' turn out
I won't ever burn out
What I gotta make it turn out

[Outro - Lorde:]
There it is
There it is

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