Long Song Away (EP)

Thể loại: Pop Âu-Mỹ, Nhạc Âu Mỹ | Số bài hát: 4 | Lượt nghe: 8.627

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Be Great (Intro) - Kevin Ross ft Chaz French

Sáng tác: Nhạc Nước Ngoài | Thể loại: Pop Âu-Mỹ, Nhạc Âu Mỹ | Lượt nghe: 1.071 | Lượt tải: 15


Do you wanna be great
Do you wanna be (great)
Do you wanna be (great)
Do you wanna be great, oooh
Do you wanna be (great)
Do you wanna be great

It’s time to shift the culture
Move the focus
Rise above, and lose the vultures
It’s hard to fly when those that’s close to you
Keep pulling you down, yeah
Off my chest
No more excuses
Scared to death, but I can’t lose grip of
I’m scared to jump, I’m scared to fail
I’m scared of you, I’m scared of myself

But what is life if I can’t be, great (great)
Great (great)
And if I die on my knees
Let it be ‘cause I’m great
And I say,
Well done, well done

Cause I’m gonna be great
I’m gonna be (great)
I’m gonna be (great)
I’m gonna be great, oooh
Gonna be great, gonna be great
I’m gonna be great

Yo, yo, yo
Gotta be better than good at it
Swear the goal is to be bigger than everyone before us
Gotta show my son and daughter, that just because they your idols
They don’t mean they won’t be rivals, I’m looking at it like I was him
And I’m just tryna show him it’s all in the passion
I got dreams bigger than life, only I can imagine
Just want my expectations and what’s meant to be to have at it
So I’d rather overdo everything than half ass it
That’s why I remain to speak my piece and stand my ground
Keep my head high, won’t swallow pride
Just take my time, won’t compromise
For nobody, cause we can all be somebody (somebody)
Gotta figure out what you wanna be rather than just don’t wanna be
Down your chones, cause this is where I wanna be
A light in my past but it’s so much more in front of me
Greatness, history in the making, you can’t fake this
Lately I’ve been realizing its all of what you make it
Amazing this grace is, my gracious, I want you to embrace this
Dream that I’m envisioning and this life that we’ve been living it’s
Never been this critical, some say that it’s ridiculous
How we’ve never given in, like virgin, but it’s never been this urgent
A feeling that’s so intimate, greatness
Jordan, Jackson, greatness
You, me, greatness

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