Thể loại: Pop Âu-Mỹ, R&B | Số bài hát: 13 | Lượt nghe: 25.596

“ColleGrove” là album studio thứ 3 của nam ca sĩ nhạc rap người Mỹ 2 Chainz. Album phát hành ngày 4/3/2016 qua hãng ghi âm Def Jam Recordings.

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Dedication - 2 Chainz

Sáng tác: Nhạc Nước Ngoài | Thể loại: Pop Âu-Mỹ, R&B | Lượt nghe: 274 | Lượt tải: 4



You gotta known how to have fun when you get these checks man. Nah, I’mma put this on your camera. You need… I’m bout to tell you right now. Tell me what I need. Tity Boi. Tity Boi. You need to tell Cris go on let you go. Young Mula it out, we have fun over here, we just eating. We having fun, we just doing stuff, we don’t even care about. (Go get my shit). Young Money, we care


Verse 1:

If it wasn’t for Wayne, it wouldn’t be
A lot of dudes in the game, including me
We was smoking that gas in ’03
Was gon’ sell a few bags to Lil Fee
Couple years removed from HBs
Tatted lyrics from Jigga to Jay-Z
I went to Eastover before Katrina
Remember going to Magic riding in my Beamer
And this was way before FEMA, and you was rappin’ and singin’
And I was slanging the Ps and smoking nigga like Newport
Comin up off of Too Short, my underwear was my hoop shorts
And then I went on tour and recorded a song on your tour bus
And that was ’08, that’s the first time I met Drake
When I hit your cup with that drank, had a nigga stomach like wait



That my dog, that my dog, that my dog, yea

That my dog, that my dog uhh

That my dog, that my dog, that my dog, that my dog

That my dog, that my dog, that my dog, yea that my dog.


Verse 2:

You relocated to MIA
You told me shawdy this where I stay
I came down to pay a visit
You told me Zoe Pound and them was trippin
And you, you wasn’t dippin’
Had the M-16 and with the extra clip, ready to act ignorant
Ridin’ off in the Phantom, and Mr. G he was driving
Pumpin’ that Playaz Circle, you told me that we was riding
And I told you that I was rappin’, I told you I wasn’t writing
You said Luda was foolish because he wasn’t excited
That was way before Tyga, I saw Nicki with Gucci
You said, “You can make a million rappin’ ‘bout some pussy, I did.”
T, Fuke, Mally Mal, shining like Armor Oil
You can ask Mack, I was YM ‘fore all of y’all
Stunna said I reminded him of Johnny
In this world you either selling or you buying




Verse 3:

You tatted your face and changed the culture
You screamed soowoo and them gangstas loved it
You bought a Bugatti so you can flex
And most of the bad bitches your ex
Ride ‘til the wheels fall off and they got wobbly
Duffle Bag video, we shot that bitch on Godby
You was holding a sty-ry, I had more gold than a pirate
They said it ain’t about stylin’, what they tryin’ to kick knowledge
Duffle Bag Boys, yea I can’t forget Dolla
In going to get the money, it’s some words that I follow
I swallow my pride, smoking endo outside
Straight from Collegrove, I’m reporting live



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